ACI - Adobe Certified Instructor for Video Editing

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Section 1: Configuration
- Given a scenario, identify locations of media cache files, apps, downloads, and supporting files (recognize key components of a system)
- Given a scenario, configure a new project
- Given a scenario, import and relink media (include Ingest settings, replace footage, proxies)
- Given a scenario, describe how to use and modify sequence, clip, and export timecodes (including drop-frame and non-drop-frame timecodes, burn-in timecodes)
- Given a scenario, describe how to customize settings for a Sequence (include audio tracks)
- Given a scenario, add or remove sequence tracks and configure timeline panel settings
- Given a scenario, create a custom workspace (include hidden panels in Window menu, Keyboard Shortcuts, Monitor panel buttons)
- Given a scenario, adjust user preferences (including scale to sequence, audio hardware, RAM usage)

Section 2: Editing
- Given a scenario, review source
- Given a scenario, choose the type of edit to perform (include a lift or an extract edit, a replace edit, using an extend edit to create an L or J cut, a 3 and 4-point edit, targeting and patching tracks, sync locking)
- Given a scenario, trim clips
- Given a scenario, nest a sequence into another (include sequences as nests or individual clips, sequences as source)
- Given a scenario, describe multi-cam workflow (include multi-cam dialog, manually syncing clips in the timeline, create multi-cam sequence from a bin, switching cameras and audio sources, flattening)
- Given a scenario, record a voiceover (include directly into the Timeline Panel)

Section 3: Effects
- Given a scenario, add, remove or modify transitions or effects (include Master clip effect, masking and tracking effects)
- Given a scenario, add, remove, and modify keyframes (including interpolation, presets)
- Given a scenario, describe how to use the Essential Graphics panel to create and modify graphics and motion graphics templates, MOGRTs, (include Master Graphics, Master Styles, animation)
- Given a scenario, create, add or modify sequence captions (include external files, exporting)
- Given a scenario, use Essential Sound Panel and manual audio adjustments (include cleanup and mix, legal levels or compliant audio, loudness radar)
- Given a scenario, use the Lumetri Color Panel to adjust the appearance of clips (include Master Clip Effects, HDR, LUTs, Comparion View, Lumetri Scope)
- Given a scenario, describe how to work with clips with alpha channels (create and track opacity masks, apply Ultra Key and track masks, blend modes)

Section 4: Workflow
Identify the relationship between the project file and media associated with the project (including auto-generated files and default locations)
Given a scenario, organize a project and work with multiple projects
Given a scenario, configure metadata (include customizing columns in project panels and metadata panels, creating schema, saving metadata views, modifying media file metadata, files types that can store metadata)
Given a scenario, manage multi-format projects
Given a scenario, export a media file (including bit rates, codecs, using Preview, Maximum Render Quality, maximum bit depth, use effects on export, render queue)
Given a scenario, work with integrated Adobe apps and services
Given a scenario, collaborate (including shared media assets, shared storage, import from another project, import/export XML or AAF, export OMF, and use Libraries)


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